Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Game #23 - at Buffalo Sabres

Game 23
Penguins (12-8-2, 26 points) at Sabres (8-11-3, 19 points)

Why does it matter?
This is a chance for the Pens to keep the momentum going, especially against an opponent that is missing a few key players (Miller and Connolly).

What has been happening lately?
  • Pens - 6-1-1 in their past 8 games. They didn't fold on Monday against the Panthers and it earned them two points.
  • Sabres - A recent hot streak has turned them from horrendous to just plain bad.
Questions to be answered
  • Will we see Patrick Lalime? He has played well enough to lose every decision, but three of them were one goal games. If it isn't Lalime, it will be Enroth.
  • How can Jordan Leopold go from a #5 or #6 defensemen on the Pens last year to a #1 on the Sabres? Were the Pens wrong? Is it the system in Buffalo?
  • Special teams are on fire right now for the Pens. Can they keep the results consistent (especially on the power play)?
Keys to the game
  • Make the most of your chances. The Sabres don't allow too many shots, and the Pens seem to be content to take what the opposition gives them. When you play that way, you need to convert when you have the chance.
  • The power play for the Sabres can be dangerous. Watch out for Vanek and Roy.
  • Play the match-up game as best you can. Tyler Myers is a -9. Steve Montador is a +14. Get Sid and Geno out there against Myers as much as possible.

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