Sunday, July 11, 2010

Doing time for a crime they didn't commit

There are a few circumstances in the NHL when the player in the penalty box isn't the player who committed the penalty. They are serving the penalty in lieu of someone else. These circumstances include:
  • Bench penalties like too many men on the ice or abuse of officials
  • A coincidental minor with one player getting a second penalty (usually called the "extra two")
  • Penalties on the goalie, since he can't really go sit in the box
When I was looking at my stats database, I wondered who wound up in the box in these scenarios. Was it always the same guy or set of guys?

Obviously, this has no meaning whatsoever, other than maybe to tell us who should be named "Least Likely to Kill a Penalty", but hey, it's the middle of summer. What else are you going to read about?

Here are the players who have served the most penalties that they didn't commit - I'm listing everyone that has served 8 or more.

Team Player # of Times
Canucks 42 WELLWOOD 15
Islanders 26 MOULSON 12
Senators 71 FOLIGNO 11
Lightning 17 FEDORUK 11
Avalanche 16 TUCKER 11
Bruins 22 THORNTON 11
Flyers 45 ASHAM 10
Sharks 16 SETOGUCHI 8
Maple Leafs 81 KESSEL 8
Blues 7 TKACHUK 8
Penguins 13 GUERIN 8
Capitals 16 FEHR 8
Blue Jackets 14 TORRES 8
Lightning 9 DOWNIE 8
Sabres 21 STAFFORD 8
Rangers 20 PROSPAL 8

The other Penguins on the list include Tyler Kennedy and Geno Malkin, but they're further down.

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Goose said...

THANKS! I love obsure stats and this one made my day.