Saturday, June 26, 2010

Penguins acquire D Dan Hamhuis

The Pens acquired the rights to D Dan Hamhuis from the Flyers last night. They'll have exclusive negotiating rights with Hamhuis until Wednesday.

Obviously this has been noted as a hedge against losing Gonchar. My question is: Is there any way the Pens could sign them both?

I don't know if you sign Sarge long term, no matter what, but the Pens have about $12,000,000 in cap space. If they can get both for $8,000,000...

I'm not sure it is feasible, given that the Pens need help up front in their top 6, and those players are usually expensive. You don't want to go through the season with Max and Pascal in your top 6 for the season. Right now, your top 6 forwards are: Sid, Geno, Kunitz, Talbot, Dupuis and... Is Tangradi ready?

So, probably not going to happen, but interesting to think about. The cost for the hedge is probably a bit on the high side - a 3rd round pick next year. If it nets them either Sarge or Hamhuis, however, it will have been worth it.

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