Sunday, September 27, 2009

The pre-season is over!

Do you know what the best sporting event on TV was today?

If you said the replay of Game 7 of the Cup Finals, you'd be right! I don't know about you, but it still gives me chills watching it. The game is about midway through the second as I type this blog entry and Talbot just gave the Pens a 2-0 lead. I almost started yelling again.

Last year, the Pens lost Sergei Gonchar during the pre-season. This year, they got through (mostly) unscathed. Talbot is hurt, but he wasn't injured during camp. Crosby's injury obviously could change this if it proves to be more serious than we think.

The team seemed a bit indifferent to the results during the pre-season games, but I think that's okay. They really just needed to get the guys back on the ice and used to working together. They also needed some time to see how the new guys would fit in, and fill the last few roster spots.

Which of the new guys are you most excited about? I'm most anxious to see how Mike Rupp fits in. I think we're going to be really pleased with his size, toughness and work effort.

The season opens on Friday against the Rangers. Are you starting to feel it yet?


Will said...

I'm looking forward to the first Flyers/Pens game when we dress Godard/Rupp/Biz :D

Pat said...

Ha! I'm with you - that one will be great to see...