Monday, June 29, 2009

Penguins sign Guerin and Adams

Tonight the Pittsburgh Penguins re-added two key components of their Stanley Cup run.

Bill Guerin was signed for one year at a cost of approximately $3 million.

Craig Adams was resigned for two years at $550,000 per season.

Adams is taking less money to stay with the Pens. Guerin is also likely giving the Pens a discount to stick around. He may have been able to earn more on the open market (like $3.5 - $4 million).

Maybe this marks the end of Mike Zigomanis? With Adams in the fold, you have to figure they won't keep Dupuis, Adams and Ziggo... This feels similar to last season when the Pens had 8 NHL defensemen heading into camp. If I can get Ziggo at a good price, I think I do it.

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