Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Maybe he just can't help being stupid...

Wow - talk about dumb - Ovechkin, in an interview with SLAM! sports, said:
“We want to move forward. After the fourth game, there’ll be a little celebration, but right now, nothing.”
In fairness to O-Face, he was probably meaning to say "after the fourth win", but even if you replace "game" with "win", it still comes off poorly.

You never come out and talk about how you're going to win the series.

h/t - Faceoff Factor


CapSpace said...

You're out of your mind. He basically said we won't celebrate until we win the series. Which is exactly the mindset he should have. Pens fans need to find something else to harp on, like Kunitz' crosscheck, getting secondary scoring, holding a lead, and converting on odd-man rushes, instead of stick blades, interference, and nit-picking quotes. Face of the NHL?

"People kept throwing hats," Sidney Crosby said. "I was just asking if he could make an announcement to ask them to stop."

I don't think so.

Pat said...

I don't know, CapSpace, if he said "if we win the series, there will celebration", then I'd agree... but as quoted it comes off as pretty arrogant

don't you think avoiding bulletin board material is a good idea?

Anonymous said...

The dude is still learning to speak English...leave him alone...

Malkin hardly says anything to the media, and Semin doesn't either because of goons like you putting him on the spot for small mis-speaks.