Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Capitals 5, Penguins 4 (OT)

This was a missed opportunity.

The good news is there is one more opportunity.

If you had said, prior to the game, that the Pens would score four, including two on the power play, I would have told you that a win was almost a certainty.

Unfortunately it didn't turn out that way.

The game itself was a classic. The Pens and Caps traded leads throughout the game. Each team held two one-goal leads and none of them stood up until the goal that decided the game in OT.

Fleury wasn't as sharp as you'd like in a game where the team has a chance to clinch. I can't really point to any specific goal and call it soft, but anytime you give up 5 in a playoff game, you're not at your best.

The team as a whole played well. They dominated the play throughout most of the game. They have the offense going really well and spent large amounts of time in the attacking zone, often for extended stretches.

The Caps, to their credit, weathered those storms. They didn't take penalties or allow the Pens to score. If the Pens want to win Game 7, they'll need to find a way to make something of those chances.

Not much else to say, except that this has been a great series so far. I think Game 7 will put a great ending on what has been a terrific set of games.

Next up: Back to DC for Game 7 on Wednesday night.

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