Monday, January 05, 2009

One thing to be happy about!

The Pitt Panthers are the #1 team in the nation for the first time ever!!

There are two main sports I follow closely in the winter. One is the Pens, and the other is Pitt basketball. It was a long time suffering after Paul Evans left and the era of mediocrity began. I remember the Ralph Williard teams that were pretty bad. The elation that came with Ben Howland, and the pain of never making it past the Sweet 16.

Now Pitt is #1. Congrats!

The article about Pitt becoming #1 on ESPN has one of the dumbest paragraphs I've ever read. When discussing whether the Panthers will have any extra pressure on them being #1, the uncredited author wrote:
With the Steelers playing host to San Diego in the NFL's AFC divisional playoffs on Sunday, they could take some of the pressure off Pitt this week. The Panthers' next game is Sunday against St. John's.
What? How does an NFL game have anything to do with college basketball? If I'm Sam Young, am I thinking "Gosh, it's really nice that the Steelers have all the public attention, because I might feel REALLY pressured otherwise" ??!!??

No wonder there's no byline.

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