Thursday, June 14, 2007

Crosby wins MVP, Malkin wins Calder

The Pens won several awards tonight in the NHL awards presentation.

Sidney Crosby was named the winner of the Hart trophy. The voting wasn't close - he received 91 first place votes to Luongo's 25.

Evgeni Malkin won the Calder trophy for rookie of the year.

Crosby also won the Pearson award, which is the MVP as voted on by the players - that's a big honor, I think.

The only disappointing finish was Michel Therrien losing out on the Adams award for coach of the year. That went to Alain Vigneault of Vancouver.

Let's hope all of these lovely awards translate to some playoff wins next season!


Will said...

I don't really get Vinegeault winning the Adams. He's a good coach, and Van. did good this season, but how can you deny Therrien after what he helped do with this young team. Granted most of the Pens success was because of Crosby and McFleury, but he still kept that team in line. Their play after Jan. 1sh should have been enough in my opinion to win him the award.

Great to see Crosby walk away with all the major one's, especially the Pearson. I agree with you Pat, that seems like winning that one would mean the most to a player, but I never played hockey so I don't really know.

Up next... the draft and free agency. I'm looking forward to seeing what moves Shero and the team makes. Any picks on who we'll trade and who we'll acquire? I think that Malone or EC will be gone next year to make room for a sniper, or at least a scorer with an edge to put out there with Crosby.

Will said...

Looks like Roberts and Recchi have both re-signed with the Pens. I'm stoked that Roberts will be back, I thought 100% that we were going to have to deal with him in Ottawa next season. I have mixed feelings about Recchi. He has great experience but I hope he can keep up in the second half of the season. Either way I think they are both good signings.