Thursday, April 19, 2007

Senators 3, Penguins 0

Who would have thought that the Pens power play would finish the series on a 0-forever streak? That was the difference in this one. The Senators tried to give the game to the Pens in the first period. They were called for a minor penalty and then proceeded to throw the puck over the glass twice in the next few minutes. The Pens had a 5 on 3 for over a minute to go with extensive power play time, but simply couldn't score. They had clearly made adjustments and were able to get seven shots on the power play in the first period, but couldn't score.

The second period proved to be where the difference was made, just like games 1-3. The Sens managed three second period goals, and the Pens had no answer. It probably should have been worse, but Fleury made several absolutely insane saves. He again was the reason the Pens were even in the game.

In the third, the Pens just couldn't beat Emery. They had several great chances, including a nearly point blank shot by Mark Eaton and some great slappers that Emery was able to glove by Malkin and Crosby.

Give credit to the Senators. They played their butts off. They were clearly the better team throughout the series and they deserve to be moving on. I still don't like them, but I have to respect their accomplishment.

Who showed up to play?
  • Ray Emery - he made every save you could ask of him. As long as the Sens are able to keep the shots and traffic to a minimum in front of him, he'll make the saves he needs to make.
  • The Senators - they simply played their game and never wavered from it. They put consistent pressure on the Pens and didn't back down.
  • Marc-Andre Fleury - he could add a little consistency to his game, but he made some huge saves that he had no business missing. They only thing I'd like to see is him to single-handedly shut down the opposition once in awhile.
  • Sidney Crosby - he is the best player in the NHL, hands down.
Here on Igloo Dreams, we'll have some season reviews, both for the team and the players individually. This was a great season, and it deserves to be talked about once the disappointment clears.

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Teej said...

No matter what anyone says about Fleury, he's the reason the Pens had any glimmer of hope in the game or in the series. Incredible season for him and the rest of the team.

Teej said...

...this leads me to another valid question: does Thibault stay, or go elsewhere so he can be a starter?

Pat said...

I think Thibault goes if he can get a better shot to be a starter somewhere - I think the guy they have in the minors (Schaefer? am I remembering right?) that they got from San Jose is the backup next year.

And you're right, Teej - Fleury is The Man

Will said...

I remember on a telecast a while ago one of the guys mentioned that Thibault would not be in Pitt next season cause "lots" of teams would take him as a number 1 and that's what he wanted too. T-bound had some good wins for the Pens this year but I can't wait to see him go. Living close to San Jose I have heard lots of good things about Schaefer so I would like to see him backing up Fleury.

Though series for the Pens. Ottawa really played good, solid, playoff hockey. Emery was great last night. You knew after that first 5 min he was going to be very hard to beat.

Lots of questions for next season... will Roberts say? ... Will Shero dump 2/3 of the D and try to shore up the blueline... What big winger will we get to play with Crosby?...

Thanks for keeping this page going, Pat! I has been my daily ritual checking out your previews and always gets me hyped for the games.
Hope you keep it up next season too!


oldmanneill said...

Great work...see you next year.

Pat said...

Thanks for the kind words, guys. I'll be here next year, God (and wife) willing :-)

I may even write a bit over the summer...

Teej said...

Until then...

go Bucs ;)