Saturday, April 07, 2007

Penguins 2, Rangers 1

The Pens did enough to win this one, and that's all that really counts. Never mind that they started to go into shutdown mode in the third. They knew that Ottawa had already won and thus, the outcome of tonight's game was inconsequential. That was until Sean Avery and Sidney Crosby decided to compliment each other on their hair, or, I'm assuming that's what they were talking about in such an animated fashion. After that, Crosby was like a man possessed, and the Pens turned it back up a notch.

Two power play goals tonight from the two old guys - Recchi and Roberts (I think of them as the Grumpy Old Men - especially Recchi - he always looks like he's ready to beat someone with his stick... Roberts is just ready to beat on someone... period!) Roberts goal was a change-up if I ever saw one in hockey. It may also have been the slowest moving goal I've seen in awhile. Check out the replay on Recchi's was just a nice shot over the right pad of Lundqvist on a bang-bang play from behind the net.

No goal #30 for Staal or #20 for Ouellet. Both had some great chances - especially Ouellet. Something to shoot for next year.

The Pens finish with 105 points, and who would ever have thought they'd manage this level of success? Not me - I can tell you that for sure. This season has been fun so far. Everything else now is just icing on the cake.

The loss kept the Rangers in danger of earning the 7th seed, though Tampa Bay losing took care of that. The Rangers will finish 6th, while Tampa will play the Devils. Dear God - does anyone want to watch that snooze fest? At least there's now a definite cure for insomnia.

Great game by the Pens. Great season too.

Next up: The PLAYOFFS!!! Likely open in Ottawa on Wednesday night.


ddubs said...

Ouch!!! Actually you are right, I hate when NJ plays the Florida teams... I am more interested in the Pens/Sens games and the Preds/Sharks games......

Teej said...

I agree ddubs... though I'm also kinda looking forward to watching the Rangers/Thrashers series. I can see the Thrashers possibly being the Pens' next opponent, if my first-round predictions hold true.

I really wish I were closer to Pittsburgh, just can't imagine the atmosphere in the city now...