Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Ryan Malone arbitration decision

Ryan Malone was awarded a two-year deal valued at $2.75 million - $1.3 for this season and $1.45 for next season.

This is not so drastic in terms of salary, when compared with the $5 million that Briere and Gomez were awarded in recent days. Obviously, Malone is no Briere or Gomez, but his $1.3 for this season looks like a downright bargain compared to those two.

The Pens have 48 hours to decide whether to accept it or make Ryan an unrestricted free agent. If it were me, I'd accept it. It seems to fit in well with the salary structure on this team. It really will come down to how much Ray Shero likes Ryan Malone as a player.

What would you do?


justin said...

i think both sides got a fair deal, although i'd much rather of seen them avoid this by signing him without arbiration to a longer term deal.

Anonymous said...

Bargin... maybe. Malone is a tough player, that at times fits right in with this team. It just seem like I only see him show his true ability when the pens are still in a game... which wasn't to often last year. If it was up to me, I would have my eyes set on one thing right now... Fleury. I honestly believe that this kid is a true superstar, with just two or three solid defenseman away of showing this to the world. I hope the Penguin's relize what kind of talent they have between those pipes. If these new players step it up... I think were all going to finally see something special this year on the ice...