Friday, July 28, 2006

Russian Trade Agreement News

According to this article in the Trib, the NHL has set a deadline of Monday for the Russians to sign the transfer agreement that would allow Evgeni Malkin to join the Penguins painlessly.

Evidentally, the NHL has tired of the screwing around that has been going on. This deal was suppsoed to be completed by just after the Stanley Cup Finals, but never materialized. Evidentally, the main reason for that is that the member clubs in Russia are dragging their feet.

Obviously, this would make it more challenging to get Malkin over here, but certainly the article seems to indicate it can be done. That would be the wrong start to the season for the Pens, if they were to find out they had to go without Malkin.

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ees said...

The Pen's Q&A talked about the situation this week.