Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Pens in the news...

A few odds and ends -

The article that Will was nice enough to post in the comments of the prior entry has been basically rewritten for the Post-Gazette. I'm not saying plagerized - just that the information is pretty much the same, and the Post-Gazette's article appeared today and the Reuters article appeared yesterday... wonder why the Post-Gazette didn't simply pick up and publish the Reuters article?

Anyway, this is probably just a GM in Russia trying to get extra money since he can see as plainly as everyone else that there will likely be a transfer agreement in place in the near future. His demands don't really deserve any attention, in my opinion.

In other news, Ken Sawyer speaks up to remind everyone that the only guarentee for the team staying in Pittsburgh is if the Isle of Capri is granted the slots license. This is a direct response to Dan Onorato saying on the radio that he's confident the team will remain here, no matter who wins the slots license. The team can start talking to other cities this summer, just as they are also up for sale. If IOC doesn't get the slots license, I'd say just about anything could happen.

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Will said...

I liked what Sawyer was saying in that article. I live on the west coast and don't have access to much local news around Pitts. so I was kinda under the assumption that no matter who won the slots with that plan b we'd get an arena adn the Pens would stay in the Pitt. Now that I've heard and read some more it does not seem like that at all. I love watching hockey but it's so tied up with watching the Pens that I don't know if it'd be the same rooting for another team. Scary...

Let's go IOC!