Monday, May 08, 2006

No news is... no news?

I subscribe to the Sunday Post-Gazette. It's a ritual for me to wake up early on Sunday morning and read the paper. The last few weeks have been pretty disappointing as far as news about the Penguins. This week, there was an AP article about the world hockey championships, and not much else. You'd think that there might be some local write-up or commentary, given that Crosby and Malkin are, by most accounts, playing extremely well. You'd also think that such analysis might be well placed in the Sunday Post-Gazette. You'd be wrong, unfortunately.

There have been a few articles by Dave Molinari about some players in Wilkes-Barre. One was about Ryan Stone, and the other about Erik Christensen. Let's hope they continue - they are welcome offseason coverage of the Pens.

Unfortunately, there have also been no articles about the Baby Pens progress in the playoffs (they're now losing 3-0 in the second round series with Hershey - not looking good). Even the Pirates minor league affiliates get their relevant information in the paper... pretty depressing. We did, of course, get a great big article about how the lives of the Steelers have changed since 2-5-06 - the Super Bowl win, in case you weren't aware.... not that I'm bitter (previous disclaimer about being a big Steelers fan still holds).

For my part, I'm going to have to start with the player reviews from this season. Time to get off of my lazy butt...

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