Wednesday, April 18, 2012

What does history tell us about a large margin of victory in the playoffs?

Since the end of the lockout in 2005, there have been 9 playoff series where a game was decided by a six or seven goal margin (all were six other than the Bruins win over the Canucks in the Cup Finals last year).

In all but one of those series, the team that lost by 6 or 7 goals in any game lost the series.

Or, to put it another way, the team that won by 6 or 7 goals in a game won every series but one.

I think the Pens still have a big hill to climb, and their chances aren't good, but at least this gives us something to hang our hats on until Friday night.

Here's the list of prior teams who lost big in a game (the loser is first):

  • 2011 Pens vs Lightning
  • 2011 Canucks vs Bruins
  • 2010 Sharks vs Red Wings (Sharks won series)
  • 2010 Canadiens vs Flyers
  • 2008 Avalanche vs Red Wings
  • 2008 Flyers vs Penguins
  • 2007 Thrashers vs Rangers
  • 2006 Flyers vs Sabres (x2)
  • 2006 Devils vs Hurricanes

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