Friday, January 08, 2010

Flyers 7, Penguins 4

So what happened?
A better question might be "How bad was it?" It was pretty bad. Nothing worked, especially the power play. Fleury was yanked and Johnson didn't do much better. Hey - you could look at it another way - the Pens lost three one goal games... one for each period.

Who scored?
Crosby (25, 26), Cooke (8), Rupp (11)

Any surprises?
The defense was just plain bad. We haven't seen a performance like this in quite some time. Van Riemsdyk scored twice on breakaway attempts using his speed. Not good.

Any change in the standings?
Division: 2nd (six points behind New Jersey)
Conference: 4th (three points behind Washington, Buffalo)
League: 7th (tied with Calgary, Vancouver and Nashville)

Who's next?
The Pens hit the road for five straight starting with a Saturday night match in Toronto.

  • This was a different Flyers team that we saw last night. The stupid penalties were gone and much of the goon antics were gone. Maybe it was just because they had the lead, but if they're going to play hockey like this, they'll be tough to beat this year.
  • Less than 10 minutes of ice time for Caputi... with his energy, you would like to see him get more.
  • Injuries are hurting the team again - no Gonchar, Kunitz or Fedotenko will have an impact.
  • It can't get any worse... can it?

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