Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Penguins 2, Flames 0

Remember last April and May?  It seems like a distant memory.  Tonight we were treated to our best reminder of what the games will look like in a few weeks.

Tonight was a tough, physical game with lots of action.  The Pens controlled play along the end boards in the offensive zone and were able to generate scoring chances from it.  I think that's the first time we've seen them be able to do that with any kind of consistency in quite some time.

Fleury was stellar, making all the saves in earning his fourth shutout of the season.

The D was excellent, both on the PK and in providing the scoring (the USS Gill goal is the latest sign of the Apocalypse).

Heck, even Olli Frickin' Jokinen didn't hurt the Pens tonight.

The bad news is that the Canes won again, staying one point ahead of the Pens.  The good news is that the Pens have a game in hand over the Canes, so they have the chance to earn the 5th spot if they win out.  The Rangers can tie the Pens, but I think the Pens would take the higher seed in tiebreakers.

Sure would be nice to get to that 4th spot and earn home ice in the first round... especially given how the team has responded on this home stand.

Next up:  Nothing is easy - the Blueshirts invade the Igloo on Saturday afternoon.

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Pittsburgh Penguins said...

Fluery had a strong game and it was great to see Gill finish off a play. You know you're in good shape when all your offense comes from the Defense!