Thursday, November 13, 2008

Game #16 - vs Philadelphia Flyers

Philadelphia Flyers (5-6-3, 13 pts) at Pittsburgh Penguins (9-4-2, 20 pts)

For my money, this is a bigger game than the matchup against Detroit on Tuesday. Here's why:
  • The Flyers are the Pens' biggest rival.
  • It's a divisional game, so the effect of the points is magnified.
  • You just love to see a cheap team lose, and you really hate it if they win.
The Flyers have been able to score goals this year, and their power play is strong. Sadly, as good as they are in those areas, their defense is just a porous. They're Goals Against and PK are both 24th in the league. The Pens need to take advantage of that.

It won't matter who is in net for our friends from across the state, because neither one has been very good this year. You have to wonder who will go for the Pens in net. Will Therrien put Flower right back in there to show that allowing 6 goals isn't the norm, or will he give Marc-Andre a break and let Sabu and his 1.90 GAA get a shot?

Any way you look at it, this will be a good game, full of intensity and not so nice trash talking. I'm looking forward to it.

Let's Go Pens!


Will said...

Man, I hate the Flyers!!!

Oh, and Pat, the Pens are 9-4-2 not 9-6-2 :)

Pat said...

Whoops! Thanks Will. I fixed it.