Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Penguins 3, Flyers 2 (OT)

Quick recap tonight.  Sadly, I missed the first period, so I didn't see anything but replays of the Goddard - Cote bout.  It looked pretty intense.

The Pens found a way to win tonight.  They struggled to put the puck in the net, despite numerous great chances, but still got the big goal when it counted.

The Pens struck with two quick goals in the second period, the first by Orpik and the second by Zigomanis.

With under one minute left in the second, the Pens iced the puck.  You knew if they didn't clear the zone after the icing that it was going to lead to trouble.  What could happen did happen, and the Flyers got the puck past Fleury.  Before the end of the period, they added another to tie the score when Richards won an offensive zone faceoff back to the point.  The shot was deflected - Flower never had a chance.

The third period had several good chances for each team, but the goalies were on their respective games (and there was a bit of luck involved too).

In OT, Dupuis finally buried one of his many chances on a great slapper from the left circle.  That's probably a goal that Nittymaki wants back, but I'm sure Pascal will take it.

I can't talk about a Flyers game without mentioning what goons the Flyers are, especially Scott Hartnell.  In OT, Letang got good position on him and got the puck.  When Kris started to skate away, Hartnell gave him a two handed shove (two of them, actually), knocked down Letang and took the puck.  It led directly to a scoring chance that almost decided the game.  Nice play by the Goon Squad and even nicer job by the CLUELESS Zebras.  It wound up not making a difference, as the Pens struck back in the only way that matters, on the scoreboard.

Oh, and it was pretty funny hears Max Talbot on the radio before the game calling the Flyers "a**holes".

If the Pens keep getting goals from guys like Zigo and Orpik (ie, well rounded scoring), they're going to be dangerous when the big guns start clicking (because they haven't really been clicking yet).

Next up:  O-Face and his boys come to the Igloo on Thursday.

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Will said...

Man, that Godard/Cote fight was great. I knew Godard like to stand toe to toe, but he really showed me something. I'd say it was a draw if not slightly in Cote's favor, but the crowd was into the game from that point on, and so were the Pens. Also, I did not see Cote on the ice anymore after that, but Godard was out there a few times and even on the ice for 2nd Pens goal.

F*** the Flyers!