Thursday, June 19, 2008

Lots of rumors...

Lots of rumors are flying around right now. Whenever you hear something, just take a deep breath and relax. Here are a few of the more prominent ones, along with why I don't believe them:
  • Ray Shero is trying to trade Malkin - Supposedly he's been offered to the Kings for the #2 pick and Mike Cammalleri. Do not believe this one for a second. The only reason to make this trade is if you don't think Malkin is worth $8-9 million per year. I think he's proven that he is worth that.
  • Malone is being traded to (Columbus / Minnesota) prior to July 1st - This would make sense if the Pens have resigned themselves to letting Ryan go. However, Malone himself has said that he wants to test the free agent waters after July 1st. That statement alone takes the wind out of the sails of any potential trade (unless he's using it to drive up a potential contract offer).
  • Hossa is close to signing - While I believe Hossa and the Pens will come to a contract arrangement, I don't think we'll hear about the offers in the paper. Ray Shero seems to subscribe to the Craig Patrick school of media relations, meaning you'll hear about the deal after it's been completed, and probably not before.
  • Markus Naslund wants to come to Pittsburgh - Okay, even if this were true, would you take him? Isn't he another version of Petr Sykora? He'll be 35 when next season begins, and he's an overall minus player since the end of the lockout (-23 over three seasons).
Remember, we're only dealing with the outgoing rumors right now. As July 1st gets closer, we'll start to hear more about the players who are willing to take less for the chance to play here. We've already heard the first one, from Markus Naslund. Take them all with a grain of salt.

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The Big K said...

*sighs* malkin is not going anywhere.