Thursday, September 14, 2006

Rookie Camp article roundup

There have been several articles on some of the young players that participated in the Penguins recent rookie camp. Here's a listing of the ones I could find in the local media:

In the Trib, there are the following articles:
Evgeni Malkin
Jordan Staal
Nick Johnson (who paid his own way to rookie camp because of NCAA regulations)

In the Post-Gazette, we have:
Stephen Dixon
Kristopher Letang
Jordan Staal

Many of the 26 players have been added to the regular training camp roster. There aren't many roster spots open, however, so the likelihood of anyone beyond Malkin and Welch making the team isn't very good. It's especially bleak for defensemen, since the Pens six guys on one-way contracts, plus Whitney and Welch. That means that it'll be another year or two before we see guys like Letang and Sersen make a strong push for the NHL roster.

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